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    i am in dire need of a dialing app that can help my new 600 dial properly!

    i have no problems putting in + or country codes etc in front of my contact entries... but that wonīt solve it for me.

    what happens when i travel?

    there are GSM networks that donīt recognize the +.

    even worse, in brazil, where i live, for example, i need to dial 00-XX-country code, where XX is the long-distance-operator-code.

    the simplistic "dial 1 before 7 digit numbers" in the treo 600 is not enough!!
    any one come across an app that can take a logic statement input?

    ie: if number starts with "+" dial "0021" or if number does not, dial just the number?

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    Try TAKEphONE which can be found at I'm sure it will do what you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbaldon
    Try TAKEphONE which can be found at I'm sure it will do what you want.


    I absolutely agree! TAKEphONE is an excellent dialer which will allow you to create profiles to do what you want.
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    Hi Gurfc,

    I live in Brazil too and just got myself a new Treo 600.

    I have exactly the same problems as you do. Plus all my contacts are formated in Outlook using +country code so once I sync them into the Treo I canīt dial automaitcally...

    Have you tried the Takephone app ? Does it work for you ?

    Obrigado !
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    sim, funciona bem.
    definitivamente a unica coisa que eu encontrei que funciona...

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