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    Quote Originally Posted by waxhawsam
    So what if you did have ROW software but wanted to try the cingular software, could you use tokenwriter to make the cingular software work??
    If you're going from 3.04 or before to 3.05 you can use tokenwriter to change the crnm value to CNG. If you already installed 3.05 ROW then you need to downgrade and then install 3.05 CNG.
    GSM Treo 600 with Cingular
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    Quote Originally Posted by catbert00
    Phone->Menu->Options->Phone Info
    Look what it says for the Software. Cingular phones have CNG somewhere on that line. Generic phones have INT. You likely have which case the easist thing to do is use the updater for the rest of the world.
    Thank you. I do have INT. What is the rest of the world using? I only see choices for AT&T, Cingular, Orange, Rogers, Sprint, T-Mobile and Outside North America?
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    You are in exactly my scenario. Where do I get tokenwriter? And is anything improved over CROW 3.04?
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    For tokenwriter, check the downloads section over at

    If you've got INT, go with ROW.
    Or, if you want to use the firmware for your secific carrier, (if it's in that list), use tokenwriter to change the INT, and the apply the new carrier specific firmware.
    GSM Treo 600 with Cingular
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    Knocked on wood with crossed fingers while throwing salt over shoulder, etc. etc.!!!
    Just did the update...
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    Looks good so far. BackupBuddy (or equivalent) is very necessary, IMO.
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    I've a Cingular-based carrier and was foolish enough to update my Treo 600 with SW 1.12-CNG. All applications still work EXCEPT for my wireless capability -- no phone, no web, no Email functionality WHATSOEVER!

    Error Msg: "Your Phone Cannot be used with this SIM Card."

    Got my SIM card replaced (needed according to a dealer) and spoke to Cingular for 2.5 hours -- all they can recommend is go back to PalmOne to get a new one shipped/replaced!

    48 hours later and I'm still dead on the water and mightily pissed!
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