Hope Scott or someone else has an idea how to make this work again. I have been using WirelessModem intermittently for years on my Treo 180, Treo 270, and recently on my Treo 600. Last time I used it was a couple of months ago. I use Massimo Valle's GSG for my modem script, and had no problem logging in and authenticating under PPP with Cingular here in the SF Bay Area. About 2 weeks ago I was traveling on the east coast, and could not get it to work. I'm back home, and still no joy. Specifically the modem seems to 'dial' into Cingular GPRS, does the Connecting dance, then seems to fail on Authenticating with a PPP error. I wonder if Cingular has changed the login/dial-in parameters (number, user name or password). Does anyone have any ideas (especially Cingular GPRS users)?
Thanks in advance.

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