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    I know this is not TREO related but I have this HotSync on my WinXP notebook b/c of my TREO so I'm justifying it that way!!

    If anyone knows, I am having the HotSync.exe run in the 90-99% CPU all the time and to kill it I just have to end the process. However, when I HOTSYNC with the Treo, it performs just fine and doesn't try any of the hogging of the CPU resources.

    So, when I'm not sync'ing, I'm just the application and going from there.

    Anyone got ideas on why this is pushing my CPU the whole time? I've looked at PalmOne support and don't see any docs regarding this but maybe I haven't searched well enough.

    TIA!! -ot
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    i had similar problems with xp on my notebook a while back - even the simplest programs pushed the processor to max. and thats with 1.3ghz and 512mb ram. ended up having to reformatt the hard disc and re-install windows. doh!

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