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    While searching for some information on Amazon, I came across this:

    How to Do Everything With Your Treo 600 (How to Do Everything)
    by Derek Ball, Dayton Foster, Megg Morin (Editor)

    List Price: $24.99
    Price: $16.99 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. See details.
    You Save: $8.00 (32%)
    Availability: This item has not yet been released. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives.

    Edition: Paperback

    Here's the link (hope this works).
    Amazon Link

    So far there isn't much besides what I posted above. No summaries or anything.

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    416 Pages???? Sheesh, I think I can write all there is to do on your treo in a page or too. You're better off getting a palm OS trick book, those have some more useful stuff in em.
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    Derek Ball's around on the treocentral forums somewhere... I've talked to him. He's written a lot of books on different PDA's, so I think he knows what works (in book form).
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    Are you kidding me, SpicyMeatBall (How do you guys come up with these names ).
    There's plenty of things that you can do in your Treo...I think 416 pages is about right.
    Maybe he's mentioning the softwares too...
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    I bet us folks here at TreoCentral know most of the stuff already...
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    Some people depend on a crutch all the time to get by in life. I work in a major retail store selling electronics. I must say that some people need to not be buying electronics.

    Depends on yer mental capacity, past experience, and trial and error guts

    For some, this fits their needs
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    415 pages on the Treo? Sounds like a nice read to me

    What!!! Me obsessed???
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    Anybody care to post the content page of the book for a preview
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    Quote Originally Posted by machomonster
    Anybody care to post the content page of the book for a preview
    Not the content page, but...

    From Barnes & Noble:

    How to Do Everything with Your Treo 600

    From the Publisher

    Not only can you make phone calls, take photos, and surf the web with your cool Treo 600, you can also load games, movies, and music. This expert guide shows you how to maximize all the amazing features offered on your Treo, including working with text documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows. You'll also discover what third-party software you can add to further enhance your Treo's mobile office capabilities.
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    Wonder what the hold up is in the publisher getting the book out? Went to their site and the book was to have been published 5/7, yet Amazon still doesn't have it. Maybe it has to to with the name TREO, nothing with the name Treo seems to be put out by the due date, or in a generally timely fashion....Just an observation....
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    I saw the book at my local Borders. I browsed through it. No big surprises or exciting new things that I wasn't aware of before. Of course I didn't go through in detail though. I didn't want to pay full price for it. (Some book in the "How to do everything with your..." series were 40% off). I'll probably buy it off the internet some time.


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