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    I'm not sure what the problem is, but after charging my phone for over 8 hours last night, it had only progressed to about a 78% charge. When i had gone to sleep, it was at 30% or so. This has now been happening all the time, when a full charge used to be complete in a couple hours.

    At first I thought maybe it was stuck at 78%, but slowly it did progress up. I also tried a soft-reset, but didnt change the problem.

    I seemed to notice this happening after I installed the new Sprint 1.20 update. Anyone else had this problem or is my Treo 600 unit ruined?

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    It could be a glitch in the battery sensor or charging circuit. Try doing a soft reset while it is plugged in. This may re-initilize the charging circuit.
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    The problem with the battery your having occurred with me after the first update. My phone took hours to charge. Within a month I started getting frequent network searches. Eventually sprint exchanged the phone. Now, when I did the first update I didn't charge my battery all the way as instructed, maybe that is a cause. Did u charge your battery all the way prior 2 doing the update?
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    It sounds like you are about to experience the dreaded "Network Search" errors. Take your phone in to your nearest Sprint store and have them run a HP Test. You probably need a new unit.
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    The soft reset with it chargign seems to have solved the prolem.

    I dont think i've noticed the network searches you've referred to. When that happens is it brief just for a few seconds. I'm guessing i probably would have noticed.
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    For reference, the official word on the In Cradle Reset
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    My battery was instantly draining to 80% after a full charge and falling into the red after moderate use. I thought it might have been a failing battery, or a recent firmware update, but after resetting it while plugged into power, it appears to be fine again.

    In-Cradle Reset Instructions
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