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    I ran into the Southwest stewardess who told me I couldn't use the Treo...I had to explain the phone was off.

    All this nonsense is rediculous.

    Fact: the cell phones used today do not interfere with anything on the plane.

    Fact: same goes for laptops, cd players, iPods, etc.

    Fact: FAA doe not certify individual devices for use on planes; there are just general categories. Each airline can determine if cell phones and other electronics can be used while on the ground.
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    My email to United Airlines

    From your web site:

    These electronic devices can be used in the cabin, but may not be used
    during takeoff and landing:

    Handheld computer games
    Portable CD and tape players
    Laptop computers/accessory printers/tape drives
    Portable VCRs/video players

    These electronic devices cannot be used on the airplane at any time:

    Cellular phones
    AM/FM transmitters-receivers
    Remote-controlled toys

    My question:

    I have a Treo 600 from PalmOne. This is a combination Palm PDA and
    phone. I know Palm PDA's fall under that category of 'computer' and
    it's OK to use them on the plane. I know cell phones aren't. On the
    Treo, you can turn off the phone portion of the device and use it in
    PDA only mode. I've used this frequently on planes with no problems. I've
    heard from other Treo owners that sometimes they're asked to not use
    the Treo on a flight even if "Wireless Mode" is off. Is there some way
    clarity can be added to this situation?

    Their response:

    Thank you for contacting us. As long as your device is not using
    cellular technology at any time during the flight, you should be able
    to use your electronic device. We thank you for your continued business.
    Your loyalty is important to United Airlines.

    Rich Martin
    United Airlines
    Customer Relations
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    The following is on AA's website. I keep it on my PDA just in case...

    "Electronic Equipment

    All portable electronic devices must remain off during taxi, takeoff, approach and landing until the plane arrives at the gate and the seat-belt sign is turned off. Cellphones may be used on certain aircraft after landing in the U.S., the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, once authorized by a flight attendant announcement. During flight, your flight attendant will tell you when you may use portable electronic devices, such as cellphone/PDA/two-way pager combinations using only PDA functions, and only if the flight attendant can verify that transmitting capabilities are turned off. Never use the following equipment during flight: cellular phone, two-way pager, radio, TV set, remote-controlled game or toy, cordless computer mouse, commercial TV camera, or Global Positioning System. The use of any device that could cause damage to existing equipment, or that may diminish the design, function, or capability of any aircraft part or component, is not permitted. Any radio transmission using personal communications devices is prohibited. These devices may interfere with the aircraft's communication and navigation systems.*

    *The electronic device policy may vary on American Eagle and AmericanConnection. Please see a flight attendant for specifics."

    But I've not had any problems.
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