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    headphone jack on my 600 hasnt worked from new, just got static when a headset was plugged in, so after two weeks of calls finally got orange to agree to a replacement.

    the dolly on the other end of the phone wasnt too knowledgable but the new phone should be arriving tomorrow - no 3 week wait for me i hope

    so well done to orange UK.

    ps. if anyone is looking for a good stereo headset, get down to your local phone store and buy the headset kit for a SE P900. 2.5mm jack, stereo, padded buds, and microphone etc. cheap as well and very good quality sound.

    why o why o why handspring couldnt ship with a h/s like this ill never know?
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    Quote Originally Posted by alex_uk_orange after two weeks of calls finally got orange to agree to a replacement.
    And you're impressed by that?
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    no that was pain in the *** - but you apparently have to go through a set proceedure or somet. was impressed by the fact that the phone will come tomorrow when it was offered to me today.
    i have read on here that people have had to wait 3/4 weeks for phones to become available.
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    Ok, point taken

    I'd actually agree and say I've found that once Orange (finally) agree a replacement it seems to arrive very quickly and when they say it will - all excellent service. It's just a shame you have to first deal with the muppets to explain that an obvious hardware fault really is a fault.

    I've never known a 'technical' department to be totally un-contactable before either - even Orange customer services say they can only speak to them via email.
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    yeh thats exactly what i think as well - i dont quite see how they were going to test my headphone jack over the airwaves (like they said they were going to!)

    another bonus for orange is that they answer 9/10 calls within 3 rings. and you actually get to speak to a real person (albeit a muppet) i was with T-mobile for a year and eventually cancelled my contract because their customer services was such a joke

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