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    I am off to the States from Australia with my Treo 600 , someone said that there is some setting the Treo 600 for "North Amercia'...but I cannot find any such setting , I also do not think anything needs to be changed as long as my carrier Roams over there (which it does) and the phone is tri bank (which it is)..that is all that is required,,,or is there some setting I need change ? Thanks,
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    Interestd in hearing the result
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    Consul, what network provider are with with now? Are you aware if they have roaming agreements with the USA providers? Were you planning to use it for voice and data too while you are in USA?
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    I am with Optus Australia, they have roaming into North America and as the treo is tri Band all shold be OK. but my point/question was...I was to,d there is a certain settinf for North America in my Treo, but I cannot find it, nor would I think I need to set up anything as what with it being Atri band and Roaming is automatic with my provider....but maybe still there is some setting...?
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    You may be mixing up a couple of things. The Treo has a setting under the Phone app, -> Options -> Dial Preferences to enable "North American Dialling" which changes how the numbers the phone dials and receives are formatted on screen, and can prefix numbers automatically etc.

    Once upon a time, when you wandered to North America, you'd have to tell your phone to change bands, although the Treo does this automatically. Under Options -> Select Network, you can tell it to scan automatically, or fix it to 900/1800 or 850/1900. You really shouldn't have to do this...
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    Yes I think you are 100% spot on, thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Consul
    Yes I think you are 100% spot on, thanks

    I use a Treo 600 in India and frequently travel to US. As long as your current service provider has a roaming arrangement with some one in US and your treo "Select Network" option is set to "Automatic reselection", all you have to do is power up the treo when you get off the plane. It will work.
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    Mant thanks for your answer...

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