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    I spend some time if Federal Courts and am non allowed to bring in my Treo 600. I rarely use my camera, but no cameras are allowed in court. I have thought about the software solutions, but I don't think it will go over with the marshals.

    Has anyone taken their Treo apart? I don't have a problem voiding my warranty, but don't want to kill my phone.
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    I spend quite a bit of time in courts, also, and at least here in Utah I can't imagine them even noticing that your Treo has a camera. Maybe camera phone are an issue in your jurisdiction but I can say with near 100 percent certainty that it would pass through here.
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    put a sticker across the lens..
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    There was a thread that someone posted pictures of their modded Treo600. They removed the lense off of the back, and filled the hole with Bondo or something. Then painted the back so that it matched. When he was done, it looked good. The camera was still on the Treo, but you could not take any pictures because of the filler covering the CCD. (And that there was no lense to focus...)

    However this will void any warranty, and probably any extra replacement insurance too... So this is at your own risk.
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    Yeah. I remember reading a thread of someone who disasembled their treo to fix the speakers problem. I don't have the link but for some reason I have the link to the pics he took (maybe you can find it from there or someone in here sees it and remembers the thread). The thing is that I don't remember if it was in TreoCentral that I read it.
    Here's the link to the pics:
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    Quote Originally Posted by rossoneri
    It's in French....he may not know how to read in French

    I think if you do a Google search, you may get through.

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