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    I'm selling my 270. I am putting this in the for sale area too, but thought the 270 users might find it here better.

    It is a very kindly treated 270, currently locked to T-Mobile. I have recently replaced the battery with the bigger 950 MAh battery, so it should have lots of life. I have the unlock code from T-Mo, but have been unable to unlock it. I don't know whether I'm just a klutz, or if the SIM cards I was using would allow it. I have doublely confirmed with T-Mobile that I have the proper unlock code, so you might try it again. I have already tried a few timesd though, so screwing it up one or two more times might not be good.

    All that said, it works just dandy on T-Mobile, and all it's pieces are in good working order. PM me if you are interested. I would much rather a TC person get it than some stranger on ebay.
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    It has found a home.

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