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    I tried creating a list of 10 mobile numbers that I frequently send text to in my memo pad hoping that copying and pasting the said list to the SMS application would allow me to have a buddy list workaround. Unfortunately the app will only recognize the first number on the list. Is there anybody out there who might have found a workaround for sending sms to a group/category list?

    I have maxtext's latest t600 version but I just find the built-in app more useful and better in design. I was hoping the latest fw upgrade inlcuded this feature. Thanks in advance.
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    Not sure but I think you can put commas inbetween. Let us know if true.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lplplpx3
    Not sure but I think you can put commas inbetween. Let us know if true.
    I tried the same, including spaces and the enter button to separate each mobile number to no avail.
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    OK, just input my number 3 times, separated by 2 commas with the message "test". The top line of the SMS app read 3 messages, 4 characters. Sent it (to myself) and received 3 incoming text messages so this DOES work.

    FYI - I am on T-mobile and have done the upgrade.
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    Inputting the numbers separated by commas on the app itself is not a problem for me as well. The workaround I'm looking for is creating a list on memo pad or somewhere else that I could simply copy paste to the default sms app, thereby getting a buddy list shortcut of sorts. It seems that the sms app recognizes the pasted list as one number despite the comma/space separators.
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    Why go to all this trouble when you can always have the list stored in MaxText. No cut and paste or anything? You would rather go to MemoPad, open it up, copy, open sms, paste and type message. MAXTEXT.
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    As mentioned I do have a registered MAXTEXT but the user interface just doesn't pass the cut for me. I was hoping the workaround would work because if its in the "clipboard" sending to the list will actually have fewer keystrokes than MAXTEXT. And I was hoping this discussion would help those who don't intend to buy MAXTEXT.

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