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    I use personal edition and don't need outlook running. You just need the BizCon app going which should be visible in the taskbar. The Bizconn app is what is connected to the exchange server not the outlook application itself.

    I hope that makes sense?
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    Yes, but how does the Business Connect app know when new mail has been delivered unless Outlook downloads it off my ISP's Pop3 server?
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    BizCon is hitting your pop3 server directly, so it doesn't matter if Outlook is open or not. That's why you can access your email by logging into BizCon on the net.

    For example, BizCon is running on my work computer and is connected to my work Exchange server for corporate email. I also have a pop3 email account set up with BizCon for a home account.

    I have never used my work computer to access this personal account (not with Outlook, Eudora, etc). My computer at home is turned off, but I still get emails to my phone through BizCon for that personal account.
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    Well if you're talking strictly about POP3 e-mail, I guess I understand you don't have to have Outlook open. It is possible to set up a POP3 account via the B.C. settings on the Web and send/receive e-mail without having Outlook open. I think it's set up to run just like Snapper would. You are not actually accessing your inbox in Outlook but having the B.C. server contact your POP3 mail server instead.

    However, what I'm getting at is the ability to access the Inbox in real time. When I have Outlook open, messages are not sent to the B.C. server until they are downloaded into Outlook. Also, when I send a message from my Treo it shows up in my sent items in Outlook. When I delete a message on my Treo it moves to the deleted items folder in Outlook. What are the settings to make all this happen without having Outlook open with the personal edition?
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    i have multiple folders in my corporate mailbox. and whenever i sync, it only gets the mail from the inbox itself. none of the other folders. can anybody help me with this....?

    edit....i notice when i log into and check my mail, they have an option at the bottom that says....Subfolders. but i'm not getting that thru the 600. suggestions...?
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    Yeah yeah.

    I think that's the way it's supposed to be. B.C. doesn't support sub folders.
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    that sucks then. there's got to be a way around that. i got around 10-15 different folders.

    edit again....if i point my blazer browser to and login thru there. can i get the option for subfolders. anyway i can get the bc software to do this...?
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    I am having this problem now. My desktop software is running the same way it always has. Any ideas? Any real solutions on this?
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    I had no problems getting my pop3 email, but since our company changed to IMAP; I have been getting that same error.

    Does anyone else here use Bizconnection for IMAP?
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    You can set up as many POP3 accounts through BC as you want, but there's not much point in paying for that since the P1 Email app is free and BC costs money. The only value of BC in my book is the ability to pull messages that come in from my corporate Exchange Server.

    If all you have is POP, there are plenty of more elegant clients for that such as Snapper, and you're not paying the monthly fee to Sprint...of course Sprint wouldn't try to make anyone aware of that!

    As for subfolders-- there are a couple challenges-- building the "server-side" (aka the workstation at home/office where BC runs) so that it can see folders in the first place. The next challenge is to build that same functionality in the Palm Client. For those of you who have used BC for a while, you will recall that the Calendar functionality came out a while back on the Sprint BC website but was not available on the Palm client since they hadn't built or QA'd that yet. I have a beta of the Palm client that can accept invites and can wirelessly sync the calendar, but there are many features that it doesn't have yet.

    LGreenberg, I once had a problem with Outlook not sending, and when I opened Outlook finally, I saw a bunch of messages stuck in my OUTBOX. Check that. Also, I have had a lot of success using the latest version of Outlook, 2003. Keep in mind that BC is plugging into Outlook using MAPI calls-- Microsoft's Mail API. It doesn't care whether OL is open or not, but it can be sensitive to versions of OL.

    Of course, your desktop has to actually be logged in, and I have mine set to lock after a minute of inactivity so it is pseudo-secure, unless someone figures out that I have it set to login automatically upon reboot, so that I can reboot it remotely if it gets hung while I'm away from the office.

    There are some interesting log files that you can look at-- I believe they are named like seven*.log or something similar. Sprint is decent with support if you create a ticket with the right folks in the internet support group.

    I don't want to violate my NDA either, but you are welcome to contact Seven via their website and request to participate in their beta program, if indeed they are taking applicants right now. The builds I get are very stable and they are very responsive to features requests.

    Many people are able to do Seven and BC Personal Editions because we cannot just go and ask our Exchange Administrators to plug some new program onto our corporate email server. It will have to be someone in Sprint or Seven corporate sales that convince the IT guys to go with the Enterprise solution, but Goodlink and Blackberry Enterprise Server are becoming the corporate standards for wireless email connectivity.

    If you are reading this thread and you are not using Outlook for CORPORATE EMAIL---only POP and IMAP-- you guys are doing yourselves a disservice by not using a more capable client such as Snappermail or Versamail or one of the others.

    I use the Palm-supplied free email client for personal and Seven for corporate and that combo works for me.

    If you need any further/better answers, let me know the details and I'll try to help!
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