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    Ok, so I have 3 or 4 bars of signal strength and I sit here trying sites...

    once with WebPro 3.5
    ---> -- Success
    ---> -- Success
    ---> -- Success

    then I switch to Blazer and try the same

    ---> -- Sending... Sending... Time Out
    ---> -- Sending... 0.7k... Time Out
    ---> -- Sending... Sending... Time Out

    This has lasted close to three days now. I believe since I first installed WebPro. But even with a clean slate Treo... Blazer (Web) won't work.

    So, I check... and I have no proxy set up. My network setting for the device is TMobile Internet (I have the $19 unlimited). I check AIM, and it works no issue. I check SnapperMail... no issue. I check HandRSS and it time's out.

    WTF? And yes, I have a trouble ticket with TMobile but I don't think this is them.
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    Confusingly, you'll be able to get Blazer working again by specifying a proxy. There was quite a bit of discussion about this when the problem first came up and the general conclusion seems to be that the Treo 600 version of Blazer does indeed use some sort of proxy, that it goes down every once in a while and that the way to get it working again is to specify a different proxy to use.
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    any handheld-geared proxies care to share?
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