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    what is your favorite freeware program?
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    Today and Prison
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    I consider the "TODAY" app a must have!. I often hope that someone,
    with a little more savey than I, would work the source code (if available) and
    make it even better.

    If you don't already know it there are downloadable skins (I get them
    from Palmgear - free). Just installed Prison. I'll check it out.
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    I have a lot of good freeware programs on mine, most of which can be found on Palmgear:

    1st Aid (what to do in various medical emergencies)
    Converter (unit conversion)
    FileZ (file manager)
    Palm Puke (changes insert/eject SD card noises)
    TimeCopy (atomic clock sync with PC)
    TipMe (tip calculator)
    Treo Helper (I consider this program a necessity. Controls radio functions and much more)
    WPM - Words Per Minute (calculates how fast you type. not really useful, but amusing)
    ZGrab (screenshot program)

    Haven't installed yet, but considering: MovieRec, Reg-X

    4-in-a-row deluxe (Connect 4 clone, I think Coconut Fern is a similar version)
    Blocks (Tetris clone)
    PacDude (PacMan clone)
    Plummer Pete (pipe game)
    Pocket City (SimCity clone)
    The Prison (Breakout clone)
    Traffic (Rush Hour clone)
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    i dont have that many free program. at the moment
    file z
    treooffon by quiskster
    quich tip also by quiskster
    profeo600 - free so far. will buy eventually

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    anyone use epocrates? i have found it to be very useful
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    Oops, I forgot to list OnCradleOn for keeping my treo on in it's cradle
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slartibartfast
    Today and Prison
    Slartibartfast, do you mean this one or this one
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    Easily MovieRec
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    Today, still doesn't support SnapperMail does it?
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    PalmPrices is still in beta, but I use it all the time. I couldn't find it on PalmGear, but I think you can still use the "download" link at

    Hope it stays free...
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    Quote Originally Posted by tubby_bartles
    PalmPrices is still in beta, but I use it all the time. I couldn't find it on PalmGear, but I think you can still use the "download" link at

    Hope it stays free...
    It probably will since I suspect the author uses referral links for Amazon.

    If he/she doesn't... well, even though I think it is sneaky - they should!
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    Can't find Palm Puke - Any sources?
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    Olavf, definitely the second one, I have to keep messages short in case the guard sees my Treo
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    As we all seem to be giving the Today app a big thumbs up I thought I'd remind everyone that has loads of skins for this app. Just search for today and skin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jennay
    Can't find Palm Puke - Any sources?
    Here ya go:
    GSM Treo 600 with Cingular
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    ClockPop5- nice little program that pops up a clock when you hold down one of the hard keys - and most importantly, goes away and returns you back to the application you were on when you let go of the hard key. Works great with keyguard on.
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    If you are a road warrior and depend on public transportation (U.S and overseas) then Métro is a must.

    "Métro is your free guide on PDA (Palm, PocketPC, Smartphone...) to public transport systems worldwide (more than 250 cities covered now)."
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    man tonite im gonna go nuts on my treo getting all these apps
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    Anyone know of something like ClockPop5 that works with Treo600?
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