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    I'm trying to access my sprintpcs mail from the new p1 mail app installed with the 1.20 updater. (I had no trouble installing the update, btw.) When I hit the "Send and Receive" button, I connect to the internet fine, then get the message "connecting to" and then the following "Login Failed" message: "We were unable to log in to the mail server. Please go to the Name tab of Account Settings and verify your email address and password. For further support, contact your mail provider."
    Sprint PCS Vision support had me change my Vision password on the web, Treo did it's provisioning thing, and I changed the setting in the mail app on the treo to reflect the change. No luck, same message. Called Sprint again, stumped the guy who suggested I call Tier 2 tech support. Thought I would try all you TC gurus first!

    BTW, I have no problem accessing pcs mail from my desktop computer, or from the Treo web app/Vision home page/Messaging links.

    Any ideas?

    I've been lurking here for the past few weeks since I got my Treo600 (love it! don't even touch my Tungsten T3 anymore!) and I appreciate all of you who participate in these forums. Thanks...
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    Your Vison Password, and your sprint mail passwords are different. You need to log into the sprintpcs website, set up the email section to reflect your login, and password, and then set up the email client to reflect that information.

    I love Sprint support. They have no clue. 2 seperate passwords one for vision, and one for email.
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