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    No I asked them about ^^^ and they said point releases will still be free...
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    I also dowloaded the upgrade trial for 8.0 pro. Now when I go to a contact name and click on it to go to make a a call the 5 way d pad does not work. On the 7.6 standard version it always worked without any problems. Is anyone else having this problem? ANyone know what to do?
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    This is about the only problem I am not having with Agendus 8.0. Seems to be so bad that i wish I still had my old version and my $9.95 upgrade fee!
    The Toad
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    anyone know how to get back to the old 7.6 version
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    I would also like to get back to 7.6
    The Toad
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    which one is most preferred, takephone6 or agendus8 ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nunuknanak
    which one is most preferred, takephone6 or agendus8 ?
    They're two completely different applications with different purposes. I use them both.
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    I tried the Agendus 8.0 demo, but can't decide. I happened across another piece of software that looks very similar called Mobile Agenda put out by Mobile Systems. Has anyone tried it? The sort capabilities look amazing, and it seems to have all the functions of Agendus, but who knows...all the ads always look great. My problem is I can't get it installed. If anyone has tried it or knows anything about it, I'd love to hear. Thanks!
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    do you have the link to mobile systems
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    Well, their website is, but I wouldn't waste my time if I were you. I finally got it installed, which was way more work than any other palm program. Then I tried it!!! S-L-O-O-O-W! Every screen you have to wait for it to paint. The features that sounded so good actually didn't perform the way their site implied. I hated it so much, I deleted it within 10 minutes. Well--- actually, I TRIED to delete it. It sprinkled so many little files throughout my treo, I'm still trying to figure out what I can get rid of. And that's on my Treo. It did the same thing to my hard drive. I went to Add/Remove programs, and the uninstalling of it crashed my system. I'm sorry I ever heard of the program!! Well, as the cow said to her girlfriend after fixing her up with a bad blind date, "Sorry I gave you a bum steer."
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    I've run into the soft reset problem when entering a new meeting, and, for me at least, its tied to the Treo OEM external folding keyboard. When the keyboard software is disabled, I have no problems at all. Of course I'd like to be able to use the external keyboard. I sent a note off to Iambic about this over the weekend; we'll see what kind of reply I get.
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    Quote Originally Posted by toadmanor
    OK Now i have a problem. I can not set up a meeting without a soft reset. As soon as I select the "meeting" from the bottom pop up menu it soft resets!!!!!!!
    Do you have any portable keyboard software on your device? PortableKB? If you do, make sure that you turn it to the OFF setting.

    I had the same behavior until I turned off the PortableKB driver and then everything worked fine.
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    I do have the PBKeyboard software.

    I will try it off.
    The Toad
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    Thanks Ins_Gadget turning off PBKeyboard works
    The Toad
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    There is a new update 8.01 out now and it looks like everything is working now with my Treo 600.
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