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    I can connect to to get to the hotmail login page, but when I try to login, it won't connect. Any ideas why?

    I'm using the grandfathered $2.99 t-zones by the way. Maybe my t-zones won't work because https or ssl doesn't work unless you have the $19.99 internet plan?
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    i tried to login from and it just sat there for a long while. i canceled the connection / login process. i wondered if it was the GPRS issue, or bc of the https. but if you log into the normal hotmail site, does it go to https?
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    works fine here... ive been using it for a while now. I think when I first started using it I had to delete the web cookies using a program like filez
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    I am able to access Hotmail via and see all of my emails.
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    Delete your web cookies and point your blazer to the following site, and all should be well...
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    Deleted the cookies already, but still nothing comes out... any idea??
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    Try this

    also check the check box that says log me in automatically.
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    Tried, but still the same, finished downloan and just appear a blank page, white color, nothing else...Any one can help??Is it the rom or firmware problem? because as I recall, I could login b4 I did the update...

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