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    Just some info for the community:

    I've had my 270 for a couple of years and am recently getting about 5 mins of talk time; new battery in order.

    After reading here about the $49 kit, I found Their bare battery (I have screwdriver) was 33.90 and I found a 10% coupon number I could use to make the total $30.59. I selected their FREE shipping via USPS, as I have still been able to use the phone for emergencies. --- Ordered on the 14th and arrived on the 18th; Indianapolis to Silicon Valley. Not bad for the old US Postal Service.

    Installed yesterday and charged overnight. Seems to be holding up nicely after a couple of :10 calls today. In addition, it's a 950 mah battery, so it MIGHT offer more time.

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    Please keep us updated as to how the battery performs. I might be getting one soon. Thanks.
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    Timboyd, how did the replacement go? does the 950mah battery really last longer than the stock 850mah one? Im going to try to replace my treo 270 battery with one from nokia. Its the BL-5C battery that comes with the 3650, 6600 etc. It fits perfectly in the 270 and maybe all I have to do is solder the power wires.
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    cheaper battery, also made by mugen power
    3.7V 950mAH
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    i bought the 850 mh off this site at 19.95.... just went to add link and it's on sale for $8.95!!!!!!!!

    Time for me to pick up another one... I wont even wait for the current one to deterioate at that price!
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    Hi All,

    Yes the 950 does seem to be more robust than the 850, but then again, my 850 was going south.

    I admit I've not exercised it a lot with cell calls, but it DOES seems to be keeping the charge better.

    GOOD news on all the cheap prices. Thanks for posting them.

    Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious

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