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    Just got a new Treo600 as a gift and I'm trying to synch it with my Lotus Notes R5. I am using Intellisync Desktop Edition v5.3.2. For some reason, only some of my reminders are coming over to the palm and very few of my appointments/meetings. I'm not even sure where to begin to look for an issue. I saw in a thread on anther site that sometimes Palm OS has issues with the way Notes creates a parent document for reoccuring events and that you need to delete those. I did. Still isn't working.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    I have had difficulty in the past with synch'ing to Notes, but it has always been all or nothing. I found that from time to time the path to the Notes source file was getting changed. I also haven't figured out a way to synch from both Notes and Palm Desktop. I can only synch one or the other.

    I use EasySync Pro versus Intellisync so I am sure your issues are different.
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    I had many issues with Intellisync and Notes R5. Ultimately, I switched to EasySync Pro and everything works fine for me.
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    I've heard good things about easysync, but went with mnotes because it's got a nice email client that supports notes folders. been using it for a few months and haven't had any problem. It's at:

    sadly they haven't added 5-way nav support yet
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    I also use Notes at work (but not for much longer as we are migrating to Oracle). I have used EasySync and Intellisynch in the past, but with very mixed feelings.
    I regularly got contacts and meetings duplicated (some instances I got up to 7 or 8 copies which was extremely annoying) and some contacts mysteriously disppeared :-(
    I have since decided to revert back to the Palm Desktop.
    There is an application called Smarty which allows to switch between Notes and Outlook/Palm Desktop. I believe it is a freeware.
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    Lotus Notes R5 & EasySync Pro Users,

    Can anyone assist me in setting EasySync Pro to NOT sync private items from the Treo 600 (Sprint CDMA) calendar (i.e. Datebk5) to Lotus Notes on the desktop or if they are sync'd, have them not visible to my secretary (i.e. Notes delegate).

    Private items that are sync'd show up in Notes marked as "Private", but my secretary can still see them at her desktop. I have unsuccessfully attempted to set EasyncPro "Filters" on private appointments and todos.

    Suggestions and guidance would be helpful!

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    I just started with a company who uses Notes R6 and I am succsesfully using mNotes. It can sync all folders as well as memos (called Journal)!!!!
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    OK... but how does mNotes work with SnapperMail? Does it just intergrate with SM to deliver the mail or does it create a seperate mail application. Also... and I reading correctly... mNotes is $75!!!! ouch...


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