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    Had my 1st replacement T600 for less than 2 weeks and this morning it broke on me. The internal ear piece is no longer working, nor will the hands free. So, it will only work on the speakerphone which means everyone near by can hear my life :-)

    Went to the Sprint store and they ordered a replacement (should be there tomorrow) but again it will be a refurb !!

    Hope the new one lasts more than 2 weeks. What a pain to have a replacement for less than 2 weeks.

    Such a great phone when everything is working.

    So, someone make me feel better. Did anyone have a replacement that lasted less than 10 days??????? :-D
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    My 1st replacement ARRIVED defective! As soon as I had installed everything and had it ready to go, I made a test call and it howled in my ear. It was worse than the phone it replaced! I called Palm/HS and they shipped another one. When that one arrived I had three treos on my desk. I promptly returned the 1st and 2nd one as soon as I confirmed the 3rd one was ok. Now I am waiting for my third replacement (4th overall) as my current one developed the speakerphone echo problem. BTW, at I learned how to find the build date of my treo? and I found out it was built 11/2003! What's up with sending out OLD phones as replacements? My next one better be newer or I'm gonna..............ugh...what can I do?
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    You are not alone, apparently this is a problem whether acknowledged by PalmOne or not. I just got my third Treo 600 yesterday (a new one thank god) in less than one year since I got my first one. It is also my fifth Treo as I owned two Treo 300s before I upgraded. Ironically my first Treo 300 lasted longer than any of the other replacements - 8 months. The new units (my first Treo 300 and my first Treo 600) lasted longer than refurbished replacements. I probably would have gotten a refurbished one this time too, but I've become a "regular" at the local Sprint store that I've befriended the mgr. He even said that if this breaks, he'll swap this Treo out for another brand of Palm OS or Pocket PC phone for free. Makes me think he knows something he isn't telling (I suppose he's not supposed to).

    And I am not the only one. Recently I ran into a gent who told me he had three Treo's in three months go bad on him, so he swapped out for the Samsung i500 and hasn't had a problem since; claims he LOVES it.

    Me, I'm still being patient with PalmOne as I love the features of the Treo 600 even if the reliability sucks. But my patience only runs so long and then one day it's bound to go pffffffft. We'll see.

    BTW, I had the same problem with my Treo 600 as you did where I could only use the speakerphone to talk. That was two iterations ago. My last phone stopped picking up phone calls altogether - the phone would ring once or twice and then when I answered no one was there; it had already gone to voice mail. Serendipitiously enough, I was having lunch with a friend when this all started, who also has a Treo 600 phone on Sprint, so when a colleague couldn't get through to me, I had him call my colleagues phone with no problem. Apparently when I took it in, the tech told me it "failed the HP test" whatever that mean.

    Hope that puts things in perspective for you.

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