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    I am using Agendus for windows.

    Now, I am considering Agendus for Palm on the Treo600.

    Which version is more stable on the Treo600 : Version 6 or Version7?
    What is the difference between Standard and Professional?

    Thank you.
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    I have used both version 6 and 7 on my Treo 600 and have never had stability issues with either one. I regard Agendus as the most important piece of software on my Treo.

    Agendus Pro offers a much longer list of features including integrated email, integrated SMS, the ability to enter new contact info from an email, Native attachment support and vCard support. Additionally, the PRO version is more customizable with different views and filters.

    Great will be happy to have all your windows data in the palm of your hand.
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    currently using agendus pro. it is better than "beyond contacts" thou. i love the it is highly customizable. i sync up with my outlook 2002 on my laptop. agendus pro comes with the email client. but i like VersaMail more.
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    I'm using Agendus 7.06 Professional, and love it. It's a 'must have' addition to the treo as far as I'm concerned. If I could just find a replacement 'to do' list (I'm working with the Franklin Covey add in now, and would like to play with others), then I'd be happy.

    Also on my treo:

    Daily Record (Franklin Covey)
    Delta Flight Schedule
    eWallet (AWESOME)
    pTunes (rarely use because the sound stinks with my Bose headset)
    Smartlist (rarely use, will probably remove)
    Task List (Franklin Covey)

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