I bought my Treo600 on February 1st (sprintpcs). I am a heavy phone and email user. Everything worked great until two weeks ago when, while on the phone, people could hear me but I could not hear them unless I turned on the speaker phone. I managed for almost two weeks until I obviously can not be doing this anymore. I went to the sprint store where I bought the unit and they told me it is under warranty and will ship one to the store in two days!

So I am picking it up tomorrow.

I synch with my desktop daily and I back up on SD card using BackupMan.

So, I get it, I turn it on, go thru the few screens where I tap the stylus and...............then what?

How do I get it to the condition I am using it now with everything intact, especially all my email configuration settings?

Do I first synch with the desktop and then restore from the SD card?

Or I just restore from the SD card right away?

A few pointers from the wise ones will be really appreciated!

Finally, am I getting a brand new unit or a refurbished one? And will it be with the latest update since I was too scared to install them because everything run so smoothly?

Thank you.