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    Just returned the Treo Hard case. The cutouts are nice and all and the treo fits snugly, but too snugly, and the hinge makes it feel like the door will fall off at any moment. You can't comfortable thumb type while the treo is in the unit and it is difficult to remove it again. I guess if your treo has to be "crash proof" that the case will provide good protection, but for those of you who type alot i don't think you'll like trying to do so while it is in the holder.
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    It is very uncomforttable at first. There definitely is a learning curve. I do quite a bit of thumb typing (like right now) but I have gotten used to it. My hard case is very important to me because as you mentioned, I need good protection in the environment I carry my treo in.
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    I use an external battery 99% of the time. Data use is high. (unlimited contract) Using Treo External Battery-Based Desk and Vehicle Cradles, my case holds the External Battery, while Treo is cradle mounted. A non-ordinary requirement, I am sure.
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