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    Hi there--
    Does anyone know how to make ACT! Express for Palm OS the default contact and calendar program for my TREO 600?

    I keep all my contacts in ACT! and when the phone rings, it doesn't display the person's name, just the number.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    The standard Act! for Palm software uses its own database and not the palm built in database, and there is no way to change Act! for Palm to the default phone database. What I currently do is run both the Act! for Palm synch software as well as the standard Act! Link software(set to synch contacts only) so I actually have my contacts synched both to the built in palm database AND Act! for Palm. This has worked without a problem for me.
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    Also, if you have Outlook on your desktop, I've seen posts where people use standard palm contact applications and have Companionlink (Doublelook) synch Act to Outlook on the desktop and then synch Outlook to the palm contact application with histories and notes included.

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