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    I'm a UK owner of a Treo 600 (On the Orange Network) My email client works a treat, as long as I'm not sending a reply to a recived email! It simply will not send...I have create an entirly new message! It's annoying....hate being annoyed!!!!!!

    a) anybody else had this issue and B) anyone got a fix?

    Thanks all

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    Exactly what email client are you using?
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    oops...should have mentioned that!Its the one that ships with the 600 here in the UK ("E-mail v 1.0") Handspring's very own..
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    dave i don't know about your problem specifically, but i found that with my email (almost every time) after clicking "send/receive" button I have to cancel, then click it again and then everything works. Also, you may have to put different outgoing information. For example, i had problems sending when I used the same info for incoming and outgoing (which normally works fine with my corporate email) However t-mobile said I should use their smtp info ( Once I did this the mails went out reliably. That's all I can think of. Good luck.
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    Thanks for that....I'll give what u suggest a try. I'll ask Orange too...if I get any luck from them I'll post it here.

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    You have to set up the SMTP server section of you email client to reflect the SMTP server that your carrier uses. Most carriers will not allow you to use another smtp server for sending email. Call your carrier, find out what their server address is, put it in the smtp server section, of the email client set-up.

    That should solve the problem
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    Done so sir...and I can send "original" emails without a problem. I just can't send an email that's a reply.....if you take my meaning (i.e have the orginal mail + my reply on the same email) For example:

    You send an email to me
    I click "reply" and type something witty and send...connects to SMPT sever till it times out...mail not sent
    Annoyed I then create a brand new email to reply - sends without a hitch!

    Actually....maybe the mail is too long or to large?

    Emailing Orange today..

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    Sound's like a screwed/glitched firmware/software problem... Try going to palmone and downloading the Mail prc for gsm.. Maybe it will fix what ever it is thats causing your connection time out on reply emails.

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