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    Hey Guys,
    I'm making the switch from PC to a new G4 Powerbook and I should have it in a few days. I bought Microsoft Office 04 for Mac too, but I absolutely know nothing about Macs. I want to switch all my Treo 600 info over and chuck my PC laptop. Is there anything I should be warned about or any tricks I will need to know to get it all to work flawlessly? Is it easy? Will the Palm desktop work with a Mac? I'm really good with Microsoft but one of the reasons I'm switching is to learn more and get a good challenge. Hopefully it will be a fun challenge.
    Thanks for your help,
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    Shouldn't be a problem!

    I have no problems using my Treo with my MAC. I use the MAC iSync to sync the MAC addressbook program and the Treo. It uses the HotSync Palm software so you will need both.

    Use the latest version of HotSync for the MAC <> and you shouldn't have any problems.

    Let me know if you run into any!
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    It will be a fun challenge, and you'll most likely be very happy with your choice.

    If you want to just use Palm Desktop for all of your synching, the only suggestion I would make is to set the conduits up for "Handheld overwrites desktop" the first time you sync. That way, there's no chance the Mac will somehow get confused and overwrite anything on your Treo. After that, you can keep your default settings at synchronize.

    You may also want to try iSync, which would override the Palm Desktop Contacts and Calendar, and instead sync your Treo with OSX Address Book and iCal. This has its ups and downs, but I still recommend it, mostly because it's very valuable to have your contacts in Address Book. Several other programs throughout the system can access the information in AddressBook directly, in ways that they can't with Palm Desktop.

    Enjoy your new Mac. And feel free to ask questions here. There are a lot of us who like to be of help.
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    I made the switch about 3 months ago. Not one lock up, virus threat, or blue screen of death. I love it.

    The Palm Desktop works perfectly on my G5.

    Good Luck
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    Basically, I think most Mac users don't regularly use Palm Desktop but the built-in Mac tools (Address Book, iCal, iSync) instead for contacts, calendar events, and to do items. However, you will need the Palm Desktop, even if you don't actually use it on your desktop, in order to install the Hotsync Manager.

    I would suggest backing everthing up to both your PC and a SD card before you start.

    You will need to do the following:

    1) Palm Desktop for Mac OS X

    Put in your Treo serial number to download, then install this first; run the "Hotsync Manager" then go to Hotsync -> Conduit Settings (in the menu bar), open each conduit and change everything to "Handheld Overwrites Desktop"

    2) Hotsync


    3) iSync should be pre-installed on your Mac, but you'll need the Palm Conduit which you'll find here (look on the right side-bar, middle of the page):

    Once you install the conduit, you can turn the Palm Desktop conduits off (i.e. "Do Nothing") and enable the iSync conduit (in the same dialog box).

    4) Hotsync again

    If you do this correctly your Mac OS X address book and iCal calender will be automatically populated with your contacts, your calendar events, and to do list items (there is no memo manager built into OS X, so you'll have to continue to use Palm Desktop for that if you want it--tho' there are a couple of other third party solutions as well).

    I just followed these steps to migrate from an old Mac to a new Mac, so I think it should work the same way for you going PC to Mac.

    Congrats on coming over to the Light Side


    P.S. I don't know about Office 2004, but the previous version of Office v.X had a Palm conduit available for Entourage from M$'s website. I suspect the conduit will be built into Entourage 2004, but I don't know.

    P.P.S You may also want to get Pilot Install for OS X, which allows you to install PRCs to the Palm without doing a full (and slow) hotsync.

    Download Pinstall.pkg.sit
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    Years ago, I know that certain repeating events (maybe untimed repeating events) did NOT transfer to Palm Desktop. I do not know if this is the case any more.

    I am still waiting for the Apple iApps (iCal, Address Book, iSync) to be mature enough for me to use (both performance-wise and the addition of basic features like categories!).
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    Thanks so much guys! Mac users are the classiest bunch of people I know as well as all the Treo 600 peeps. I'm excited in making the switch albeit nervous but you have all put me at ease regarding my 600. I'm sure I'll be asking more questions later. I appreciate all your help!
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    Mac users,

    I am also using a PowerBook G4 and have experienced flawless syncing with my (Sprint) Treo 600. I also use the Sprint Business Connection Personal Edition but cannot run it from the Mac. I have to depend on my office PC laptop to push my Outlook email to the Treo using the Business Connection. My question is: Is there a similar application for the Mac that will allow for server emails to be pushed to the Treo?

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    If you're looking for a challenge, skip the Mac :-) It's waaaay too easy to use and elegant.

    To get the pics you took with the camera onto your computer, first let the Backup conduit back up your Treo to the Mac, then use iTreo to get the pictures from the backup file.


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