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    My girlfriend sent me a picture share with sound from her Samsung Vision phone, but how do I listen to the sound? I thought this was included in the new update. Anyone have any ideas?? Thanks.
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    No kidding! this was one of my main reasons for switching, so I'd be able to HEAR my wife and kids, as well as see them. Is this maybe a future feature they're talikng about?
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    This would be an awesome feature to use sound to send and listen to messages via picture mail. Ryan, can you help us out here?
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    it may not play the sound file that was sent.

    anyway in telling what type of sound file it is?
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    The best way to see what is going on is to have someone send a picture with sound to a regular e-mail address. Then you can see what kind of sound file is assoiated with the picture... I'd do this but my wife's phone does not do sound...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe
    it may not play the sound file that was sent.

    anyway in telling what type of sound file it is?

    Here's an explanation by sbono in the update thread (post #443)

    Voice memo's are delivered to normal sprint handsets as QCP files, which were not supported by the Treo. My guess is that the the update introduced QCP support so it can play those files in addition to MIDIs, but the backend software that serves up picturemail webpages to the Treo has not been updated to include the Voicememo link. They may be doing that intentionally, to prevent people who have not updated fom getting a webpage with a voicememo link that they cant follow. Regardless, I'm pretty disappointed. They should at least have a note that says there's a voicememo you can't access...

    As I mentioned the thread, it would be awesome if some one could hack this in order to enable Picture Mail on the Treos. If QCP is already there, then it should be possible, no?
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