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    hello !

    looks like this is a project for a platform independent JAVA emule application client, for p2p sharing, etc...

    ...i don't have a vision/sprint/CDMA treo600; i'm on european GSM, so not much useful (yet) considering $/Mb rates...

    ...anyway, for all of you who profit from an unlimited data contract with your provider; you can certainly try and download the J2ME ( java ) suite from palmone and run this opensource application...
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    interesting... but a few questions first for anybody who knows...

    this connects to the regular pc servers or just pda's that are online?

    I cant imagine there are too many treos out there with this installed. How is security handled?

    Are my databases secure?

    Sorry for being a noob, thanks in advance
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    It would connect to anyone on emule servers not just pdas, seems a little useless to me! but hey if you need emule on your pda?

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