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    we have a BREAKTHROUGH here!!!

    Getting ready: Yestreday evening I upgraded to FW 3.05 CNG (I have officially unlocked Cingular Treo) to make tests with SIM-cards of another operators. Today I used my Treo half of a day (making and receiving calls and SMS) and I checked several times if 160 chars limit was in place. Alas, it was there, I still hear this error beep after attempt to input 161 char.

    Testing: I inserted into my Treo the SIM-card of Voicestream (now T-Mobile USA) and registered in my operator network (UMC aka Ukrainian Mobile Communications). After that I went to SMS app and started new SMS message. Guess what - yes I was able to create the message of 170 chars!!! Without cancelling this message I switched wireless mode off, inserted my SIM-card and registered in the network. Then I went to SMS app - the message of 170 chars was still there. I've sent it to another mobile successfully. After that I tried to create new message with more than 160 chars - and I did it without any problems!!! After that I did a soft reset of my Treo to see if it will not wipe out this "new" feature. Fortunately, even after soft reset I'm still able to send long SMS!!!

    Please try it on your Treos, if you can, hope it would resolve the problem. I will post in the evening my thoughts of what happened, but now I have to work a bit. Just to earn some money for Treo 1200 :-)
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    For those have problems with the new SMS app, you may want to try the modified old SMS app that is available from in the Downloads/Treo Utilities section.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mol
    For those have problems with the new SMS app, you may want to try the modified old SMS app that is available from in the Downloads/Treo Utilities section.

    WOW!! I've been really impressed with so far!! Great job! Also if anyone's interested, here's a direct link to sms no limits app below:
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    Hi Gfunk!

    I downloaded this app and it didn't work, PLUS, it resets my treo when I try to access SMS preferences. I don't see "texter[1].prc" (that's what hotsync says I downloaded) in my list of apps. How do I get rid of it?
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    wayne, it should work. It replaces your texter.prc found in the ROM of your treo. You should be able to type more than 160 characters now in your SMS application.
    yes, the side-effect is that it resets your treo when you enter the preferences. That's "normal". To remove it, you need to get a file browser such as FileZ. Just delete texter.prc.
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    some time ago an official solution from P1 was delivered. I put this inf o in a number of threads but obviously missed this one. pls go to FAQ on p1 updater page ar do a search using my username, and you'll find it.


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    what's texter?
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    I tried it on my sprint Treo after the update. I got one immediate reset. After that all was well, but I still have the 160 limit.
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    thanks for the reply. I was able to successfully remove texter after downloading Filez!
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    Ok, I have the reset problem when accessing preferences in SMS and it default causes me to be in character mode instead of abc mode when typing in. What a PITA this is. I think it happened when I loaded No Limits and removing the Texter file only makes SMS unusable. How can I get the old SMS app back?
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    Figured it out. Go to DELETE and remove SMS, then exit to the Palm OS, go into SMS, phone resets and it is on version 1.01 of the Palm SMS program. Preferences now work and I can change it to defult type letters again...whew...
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    Is there a way to lift the limit on the length of incoming sms, or set it up that if it is incoming larger than that to break it up into more medssages
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    Quote Originally Posted by xaix
    and did u guys realize ? in treo600 they dont merge the 1/2 - 2/2 sms together upon recieving ... i remembered on my treo180 it does that .. merging the 2 sms together. .. hmmm ... anyone realize this or is it just me ?
    My Treo 600 does re-combine the messages. It's running the latest T-Mobile update and it did that with the old software too.
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