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    I got this from friend...and i was like cool i can use this. It works really well. I currently do not have activated but i will in about 2 weeks for this brings forth my first question.

    1) Is there a way to stop the message that keeps coming up saying sim card not found? Like deactive its use a mobile phone till im ready

    2) Is there a way to download mp3s files on it? Or new ringtones?

    3) Can i update the OS to Palm 5?

    4) is there suppose to be a back light on the buttons?

    Thats all i have for now lol Thanks in advance....btw its a treo 180...

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    1) not sure - i've always been a SIM-free Sprint guy
    2) you can download ringtones - check out for some; you can put MP3s onto your SD card after you install a program like PTunes that registers itself as an MP3 player; PTunes should be free w/ your Treo (once you register it)
    3) The OS is Palm OSŪ 5.2.1H, which is a custom version of the OS for the device. It cannot be upgraded (unless an OS upgrade gets packaged with software upgrades specifically for the phone/carrier from Palm)
    4) yes
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    He's got a 180 and not a 600.
    1. Don't try and turn on the radio (hold the power button down for a couple of seconds). Just flip the lid open to use pda.
    2. No MP3's
    3. Palm OS 3.5 cannot be upgraded to 5
    4. No, not on the 180. They added that to the 270's.
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