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    Does anyone know about this new IMAP/POP mail client called MailWave? On the palm infocenter "RIM Blackberry" story this morning, someone posted a link about it. I've never seen anything about it - anybody tried it out? They don't have many details (such as the price!) on their website.

    Just curious (I'm a happy Chatter user).

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    I messed with it for the past 45 minutes. It is essentially a mail proxy service where their servers go get your mail from either your pop3 or IMAP server and forward it to your phone. You can either use their proxy or install their server software on your system. It is NOT a true email client like Snappermail.
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    Thanks for the info. What is your impression of it? I don't particularly care if it's a proxy or a true client, as long as the email flows to it
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    It seems clunky to me (I actually uninstalled it). It doesn't sync all messages, and it doesn't support background checking. IMHO, the whole reason for IMAP is to be able to access all your mail wherever you are. Mailwave doesn't allow you to do this. What it seemed to do fine was get new mail and send mail. I didn't get any more out of it than I do snappermail or the free palm mail client.
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    All you have to do is turn on the Sync Options in the application preferences and the web profile.

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