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    I'm bloody well frustrated now, because I paid for Snappermail+upgrade to 2.0 and I can't get it. I need it. However, I started thinking today that maybe I'm wrong...maybe I'm looking in the wrong direction, I should say, so I thought I would present it to you fine people...

    My company runs Microsoft Exchange. While I CAN establish a POP3 connection to the Exchange server, I really don't want to, because my laptop and desktop systems both use Outlook for the download, and POP3 downloads to the Treo would not also download to my desktop and laptop; they'd live on the Treo and I wouldn't be able to stay organized, and the skies would fall and there would be mass hysteria. I need the mail (at least a copy) to live on the server, as well as the replies, sent items, etc.

    This is why I wanted IMAP - I was under the impression that IMAP allowed me to get mail on my T600 without removing them from the server.

    But do I really need it? Is there another way for me to get mail off my company Exchange server to the Treo without having it remove the messages from the server inbox? Is IMAP the best thing or is there another way for me to do it?

    And OWA isn't an option for me, nor is getting them to load the PDA version.

    Thank you.

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    Sure, in your POP3 Options, tell the Treo Client not to Delete the Mail off the Server. No mater how you cut it, for what you want IMAP is the best choice, but this solution comes close.
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    Do you have a PC that remains connected to your e-mail server while you're out of the office (or could remain connected if you choose to) ?

    If so, try the SprintBC (icon on your Treo) or BaseJet (
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    "Do you have a PC that remains connected to your e-mail server while you're out of the office (or could remain connected if you choose to) ?"

    Unfortunately, no. When I'm traveling, the desktop gets shut down and I use the laptop at customer sites, hotel rooms, airport lounges, etc. I'd considered using BC, but I can't maintain the connection. Also - after a period of inactivity, Outlook starts to do strange things - locks up, won't synch right, etc.

    I figured that was correct about POP3 - leaving a copy on the server, but I'd like them to remain unread. I'll settle for having them, but again, it seems like I need IMAP.

    Anyone else have this same situation?
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    Chatter has IMAP. Can't view attachments with it though.
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    Chatter destroyed my battery life. With it I would be downto 50% charge by noon. That is with 0 phone calls. I barely made it home without a recharge. Without chatter I can go a few days without charging. The program worked ok but the battery life makes it unusable IMHO.
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    Some HTML Mail clients don't include a text/plain copy of the mail (mostly spam but occasionally some legit), so it shows up blank in Chatter as Chatter does Plain Text email.
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    webdave: Something's wrong if Chatter is treating your battery like that. If you want to figure out why, shoot me an email.

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    Chatter IMAP

    - True Blackberry-like push mail
    - Works in background
    - True folder synch'ing (read, reply/forward, delete)
    - Clever interface, 5-way designed
    - Marc is a good guy who's typically responsive to feedback

    - Does eat battery MUCH faster than any other email client I've used, and that includes most of them (on Sprint).
    - Cannot search emails-- a big drawback for those of us that deal with large amounts of mail
    - Cannot reset read/not-read status of emails on Treo, which is important for notifying self of what one needs to get back to (again, import for those of us that do lots of mail)
    - Causes intermitent soft resets (once every few days)
    - Recently, Marc doesn't seem to be evolving the product forward and it's unclear what he'll do with the program/service
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    There will be some updates soon; I've just been taking a rest...

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    Well deserved!! Looking forward to the updates....

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    There will be some updates soon; I've just been taking a rest...

    Woo Hoo! He's back. I can't wait Marc!
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    Really good to hear that Marc.
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