Basically, I re-installed it a second time.

The first time through, I just applied the patch as instructed. I had 10mb of freen ram, and full-green-light battery charge. The patch seemed to go well, but it left it's installations apps on my Treo. Also, I could NOT get the MovieRec, VoiceRec, or Audacity apps to work (with Audacity, I'd keep getting the same error msg that others have reported). But what really started to get me suspicious is that I did not see the "big Palm eye" graphic (that others have reported) when I would reset the Treo. This led me to believe that somehow I had only gotten a "partial" patch upgrade.

So...this time I did a hard reset (of course, I have daily BackupMan AND BackupBuddy backups of my data and apps), and re-applied the patch. Others have reported that it's important to only hit the sync button on the cradle ONCE when instructed (ie, do NOT get impatient and hit it a second time), so I was careful about that. The instructions say it should take about 8 minutes, which was probably about right for me, although for a while I was terrified that I had frozen the device, since the screen seemed frozen in place. After a while, though, I could finally see that the progress bar was microscopically inching it's way across to completion.

The second patch attempt went without any problems whatsoever. I even got the "big Palm eye" graphic when it reset (which I now get every time, and it kind of creeps me out, now that I can't shake the Big-Palm-Brother is watching me feeling that I would NEVER have gotten if it weren't for this forum and it's oh-so-descriptive members!).

I easily restored everything from my BackupMan app (that's is THE best 10 bucks I ever spent!). And now MovieRec, VoiceRec, and Audacity all work great. By the way, I can't see why I should pay 50 bucks for Audacity (or 100 bucks for the Pro edition), when VoiceRec is free and exceedingly simple to hit the center nav button to start recording, and then hit it again to stop. I have VoiceRec programmed via CoLauncher to open with a couple of button taps, so I can do quick, one-handed voice notes now, just like I always dreamed of doing!

MovieRec is the coolest thing ever, even on this lo-res screen. It takes up multiple megs of RAM, though, and it takes forever to transfer over to the SD card (and the rate limiting factor is not the card speed, but the "bus" speed of the Treo I/O hardware) so I probably won't use it for much more than the "show off" factor, or the occasional "you gotta seet this" clip. But VoiceRec is plenty compact for how I use it, and the photos on the Treo are more than good enough (and are easily stored on the SD card) to capture the "you had to be there" moments that I would otherwise never have bothered with if I didn't just happen to have my Treo camera with me at all times.

Hope this helps.