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    I rarely Sync my contacts at work with those at home, but today I wanted to update. For some reason, now I have at least two copies of EVERY contact in both Outlook (Contacts) and on the Treo.

    I went through and deleted the duplicates in Outlook, but how can I easily delete all those extras on the Treo? In addition, when I go home to Sync, how can I avoid duplicating again!?
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    Before you hotsync at home go into your desktop hotsync settings and go to "custom" and change "synchronize" (under contacts) to "desktop overwrites handheld." That should fix you up. But I would keep "synchronize" as your default setting.
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    Wait a minute ... whichever Outlook has the correct contacts (work?) then THAT is the Outlook that you want to overwrite your handheld. So be careful with those settings. I hope I didn't mislead you ...
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    I'll give that a shot - thanks! Though I'm concerned that the users that I've added to Outlook here at work are not added to my latest backup at home, so when I try to Synchronize again to Outlook here at work, wont the duplicate entries reappear?
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    Okay - just tried that from work, which has the correct contacts. The duplicates are still there in the Treo... Is there a way for me to delete all the contacts from the Treo - and then re-write them to the device via the method above? I've got Filez - I'm just not sure which DB to delete...
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    What are you using for the synchronization? PocketMirror? Or do you use BeyondContacts/KeySuite?
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    PocketMirror. Just selecting the option that "Outlook overwrites handheld" - synchronizing from there.
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    I use KeySuite on two computers, so I've dealt with this type of problem a couple of times. Essentially, to get everything in sync between the two computers again, here's what I do (may or may not work for PocketMirror):

    1. On one of the computers (say, your work computer), set HotSync to "Outlook overwrites handheld" and sync. Note that all handheld contact info will be lost; also, choose the computer wisely, as its data will ultimately overwrite the other computer's Outlook data (in this case your work computer's data will be your final data).

    2. Then switch the hotsync back to synchronize, and sync one more time to be safe.

    3. At home, set hotsync to "Handheld overwrites Outlook"--note that your handheld information will replace all your home's Outlook data with your work's Outlook data.

    4. Finally, set your home hotsync back to synchronize, and sync one more time.

    After this, you should be able to go between work and home and keep all your data in sync between both computers. This is because your work and home computers are dealing with the same data, so they will be smart enough to synchronize the handheld without creating duplicates.

    By the way, one caveat--because I use Keysuite, when I overwrite my Outlook data with my handheld data, I know I will get *all* my information as expected. PocketMirror only syncs a subset of the data (i.e. no birthdays, not more than 5 phone numbers, etc.)--so it is possible the method I use may cause you slight data loss.
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    The issue I'm having is that when I try to perform "outlook overwrites handheld" here at work (where the contacts are accurate and there are no duplicates) the Treo is still holding on to the duplicate entries...It isn't erasing them or being "overwritten" in any way.
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    That's really odd. Maybe try this--delete some of the contacts off your handheld, then resync with "Outlook overwrites handheld". Did anything happen? Meaning did you get back those deleted contacts on your Treo, or perhaps Outlook lost those contacts you deleted? That may give you more information on what's actually happening.
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    Thanks for the tips. I did as you suggested - deleted the first 6 contacts (3 with 3 duplicates). Mysteriously, all 6 came back. I double checked Outlook, and in my "Contacts" view, there are no duplicate entries. I'll try a reboot and see what happens...

    ***Rebooted, sync'ed again. Same scenario - all the duplicates remain, but Outlook is not showing any duplicates. I think I need to delete some DB files from my profile on the work PC and the Treo and just Sync from scratch. Anyone know which DB files to delete to get rid of the contacts?
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    Another thing to try--delete a contact from Outlook, then resync with "Outlook overwrites Handheld". What happens then? Does the handheld lose the contact plus its duplicate? Does it lose just one of the copies of the contacts? Again, might give you more insight into what's going on.
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    Check if by any chance you have two sets of Personal file folders. Look in your folders list and see. I'm not sure how to clear this up, but I think deleting one should work. BACKUP first though
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    The plot thickens: I deleted my address book from the Treo and tried to sync with my Mac at home. However, the Mac wants to syncronize with the "deleted" items, by deleting my entire address book. "okay," I thought, "I'll just sync at work by overwriting from outlook." Wrong. My Treo, with completely empty addresses, was set to sync with Pocket Mirror. After syncing with outlook - duplicate entries for every one. I checked in my personal folder and it appears that everything is okay - only one profile. Even though Outlook is only showing one copy of each entry in my contacts folder, somewhere it is finding more than one.

    I think what I'll try to do is a clean install of the conduit/pocket mirror stuff. Try to Sync again...

    ***Okay, deleted my user profile (for the Treo - not Outlook), uninstalled and reinstalled the desktop software/pocket mirror. Re-synced and all duplicate entries remained.

    New Plan: Deleting all the duplicate entries from the Treo and re-syncing to Outlook. HOpefully this will resolve it. It will take awhile to wade through 300 contacts, but enough is enough.
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    More things to try:

    1. Export your contacts folder in Outlook, delete your Outlook contacts folder, create a new one, and import your contacts into it. Then try syncing.

    2. Look into KeySuite or BeyondContacts--if you are a heavy Outlook user like myself, you may find these programs useful. Might or might not solve the duplicates problem though.
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    My solution above seems to have worked - deleted duplicates in Treo, synced with Outlook allowing Treo to overwrite Outlook. When I get home, I'll sync with my Mac Address Book and that should solve all the problems. Thanks for all your suggestions everyone - your time is greatly appreciated.

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