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    I've go the Klondike reset bug (you run Klondike, you reset palm). I've read that this is a hardware bug, and I should get a new one, but I haven't.

    Will the 1.2 updater fix this? Should I not run the 1.2 updater?
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    It's not a H/W bug. Just reinstall Klondike and you're fine. There's also an update available. Go to <Menu> <Help> and <Check for updates>
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    With the V1.10 update, it reset the treo, you could pull the prc from your backup file and be fine, however, that doesn't seem to work with the V1.20 update, you have to snag it off the installation disk that came with the Treo600 (PM me if you need it) and then it works fine.
    As the good Dr said, there is an update for it, after you get Klondike to work, launch the app, do as the Dr said and it will update it with a new version that fixes the bug with the sound dropping out after a short while, plus you get a neat Treo deck of cards too.
    Good luck.
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    mmm, mega holidays don't work either, 3.04 was more stable

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