View Poll Results: How was your Sprint Upgrade 1.2

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  • Great! No problems. Go for it.

    82 60.29%
  • Had a few problems, worked through them. Would do it again

    47 34.56%
  • Benefits and problems equally weighted. Coin toss.

    4 2.94%
  • Had too many problems, wish I hadn't done it.

    1 0.74%
  • DON'T DO IT!!!!!

    2 1.47%
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    Quote Originally Posted by dre
    (remember it would allow us to press numbers to select messaging, news, etc.?)
    I was always able to press numbers to activate links. It is a special code that is placed in the HTML to allow that to happen. It even worked before V1.10 update.

    I was even able to do this with my Kyocera 6035, And even my Motorolla Timeport... I think it is a cell-Phone Browser thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwardneosoft
    96% of people are glad they did it? All that complaining and only 2 PEOPLE wish they hadn't upgraded??? Wow!
    It's not exactly incomprehensible.

    It was a huge pain in the a__.

    It was simply worth it because a very useful part of the existing hardware was flatly non-functional without it (audio recording).

    Thus, although I think the update was utterly horrible, I don't regret doing it and would even do it again.

    I didn't add any vote to he poll because none of the choices allows for the the coexistence of "Many problems, Hated it" and "Glad I did it, Would do it again"
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwardneosoft
    It's hard to tell from all the discussion what % of people had problems. The ones that have no problems never complain

    So please let us know how it went for you!

    (answering the poll doesn't bump the thread up, so you can add a comment if you think it's dropped to low).
    Had to do a hard reset after because the phone would not turn on. Otherwise no problems.
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    I must say I use my Treo mainly as an organizer and phone. I don't have a lot of tricked out applications or mods. The upgrade went very smoothly. I had to reinstall Klondike. (Absolutely necessary that it works.) Only thing I lost was my stats in Klondike. No hard Reset, No new user, no full backups.

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