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    Dear all,

    I'm having problems with me MMS messaging as it just doesn't seem to want to connect, what am I doing wrong? I have the Treo600 and have "patched" it to work with vodafone uk. I would like to know the correct settings that I should be using as what ever I try doen't seem to work

    I have the following settings:
    Connection Type: GPRS
    user name:wap
    MMSC PORT NO: 9201

    can anyone on this network please verify these with me?
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    Hi caspian.

    I see your post is a little old now, but i feel compelled to write!!

    I have had my treo 600 for a week today, purchased brand new and sim free, so no messing with unlock codes or stuff like that. Using my little old vodafone sim quite well, apart from web and mms in the uk (it is a uk sim)

    I too have problems with mms, and my settings are exactly the same as yours!

    I *can* receive mms, but have to go through "get requested" about 10 times before it eventually comes through. And I *can* connect to web via GPRS on it, although sometimes it wont connect.

    I went to vodafone customer services, they told me they do not support treo 600, and to go to the manufacturer. I did, and palm told me to go to vodafone. I went into a vodafone store yesterday, the bloke sent a service message to my phone, and guess what - i still cant send mms!

    I'm hoping you found the settings for vodafone mms and web browsing by now, or has someone else got them? Can someone please help me!! It's all to much and making my brain hurt! How can something so relatively simple be such hard work?

    Thanks in advance for any one who can help me.

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