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    As of 5/18/04 8:00 eastern, I have been unable to connect my desktop client.
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    Mine's down too.
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    Damn, and I need to leave the office. Just my luck. Btw, nice winning streak for our Indians!
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    Same here, beginning at 7:00 am Eastern or earlier. I've been attributing it to my desktop BC software. (I'm travelling and can't get at it, but I had someone reboot it for me; no joy.) Any further information?
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    Nope. Been trying to log on all morning and no go. Just the red icon saying unable to connect. If its up again, can someone post here so I can restart it remotely? Thanks.
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    I'm not in a position to call Sprint support right now, but if someone else has done so, please post the results of the call here.
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    mine is up now. just retried it while i was on hold so i hung up.
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    I'm up too. Thanks, BP57.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BP57
    Btw, nice winning streak for our Indians!
    No thanks to the bullpen.

    I'm up and running again too. It didn't reconnect automatically but went right back on line when I did a manual connect.

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