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    I have a Verizon with Kyocera 7135 now and am considering switching to the Sprint Treo. Somewhere I read on these boards that when the signal switches from a Sprint tower to a VZ tower, the call is lost. Is this true? There is somewhat better coverage with VZ here, but I am tired of waiting on VZ release of the treo. Does the "battery drain" problem relate to this pulling toward a sprint tower? Thanks!
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    I use my phone around Cleveland, Youngstown, and Pittsburgh. I travel alot and do not have problems with dropped calls. Most metropolitan areas are covered and jsut about every highway.
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    do you find builiding penetration as good with sprint vs. verizon?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcyphermd
    do you find builiding penetration as good with sprint vs. verizon?
    sometimes inside elevators and in the basements of large buildings I might lose a call actually more, but everywhere else is great
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    I too am waiting for the VZ version of the Treo. I posted an article here at TreoCentral which stated that we should expect the Treo in 3Q 2004. I emailed my corporate sales person and he said this Quarter we should see the product. Bottom line, who knows.

    My experience with Sprint was that its network was inferior to VZ. You mentioned building penetration, when I had Sprint I could receive a signal in my Living room but not my Bedroom and this is in an apartment in NYC that is maybe 900 square feet.

    I think I'm going to try to wait for the VZ solution but the pricing and availability of the Sprint product is tempting.
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    I have read of people onthis board getting the sprint version and coverting it to use VZ network. I wonder how compicated this is for non-computer oriented people. I read the thread and its seems tricky.
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    It only costs an additional $5 per month on most Sprint contracts to roam up to 50% of the time onto Verizon's network. For me, this is the best of both worlds, as I am also a heavy data user and Sprint has better data coverage than Verizon in most of the areas I live, work, and visit. I get the advantage of Verizon's voice coverage filling in the Sprint gaps while staying with the Sprint data coverage and the better Sprint data and voice plans.

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