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    After the upgrade, the space bar no longer answers the phone when receiving incoming calls. Anyone have suggestion to reapply the space bar to answer incoming calls?
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    Did you install any hacks on the palm... There are some hack that could turn off the spacebar option...
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    Try Treoguard. It allows you to answer calls with the space bar...
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    Same here. Guess we will have to add a "NEW" program to handle this now.

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    I'm confused. I though everyone hated that the space bar answered the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by santa
    I'm confused. I though everyone hated that the space bar answered the phone.
    Only if you use a carrying case....then the space bar is susceptible to being pressed by accident.
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    No, Ive answered the thing just pulling it out of my pocket to check who was calling. I looked at the screen and saw the call in progress, doh! Luckily I didnt say "ahh who the f*ck is calling me now??"
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    Well, i guess now we can't say palmOne doesn't listen to customer feedback.
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    What is annoying is that they have made it that when the space bar is pressed, it doesn't pick up, but the ringer goes off (causing you to miss the call anyway). Still a need for TreoGuard. In fact, after this testing, I noticed that I still had a beta version, so I paid for and downloaded the final version.

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