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    i cant find a "true contacts" folder....yes, i have contacts in ms outlook. i do see that i have "biz con" contacts, but it's HARDLY a folder, you have to type in some letters and then press "go". pretty weak in my opinion.

    is that why 3rd party software exists for these thing? i'm starting to think that my blackberry has this thing licked.

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    Do you want "contacts" on the treo or PC?
    If it's on the treo, you can get to it via the "phone" app, use the 5-way.
    There is a "Contacts" application, but it's hidden, you can use an application called Invisable to view it, and then mark it to "show", you get a dandy little icon too, but, if you have a reset, it will hide it again.
    The best cure I have found is Treo Shortcuts
    You can get the ICON portion for free from the "Demo" and if you like the 2phone and 2web portion, you can buy the app to get that as well, but the ICONs are free (the icons launch Contacts,Favorites and such). Really like the way I can use 2Phone to hold the "phone" button down and have it auto launch the Beam My Bussiness Card function.
    Hope this is helpful, matt

    I think with more time on the Treo600, you'll like it better then your berry. The only thing I can think of that the BB has over the T600, may be the way it does email?
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    I see these questions about contacts icons most often from folks who've had Palms in the past, and are used to having that icon be the way that contacts are searched for and edited.
    Well, on the Treo, the 'phone' icon/app is how you do that. Other than the workarounds mentioned above, you'll not find a 'contacts' icon on your 600. And I don't think you'll miss it, and here's why:

    The 'Phone' app is both a contacts lookup function and dialing function, all in one. One place to go for it all. As Burkhardi says above, you use the 5-way nav pad (if so programmed) to access the phone app, and then it's a simple matter to enter a couple of digits to bring up the contact in question. You can dial them, edit them, do whatever, just like you might be used to doing with the tried and true 'contacts' icon.

    So - no real need for a contacts icon - just use the phone app and it'll do pretty much all you want, i'd be willing to bet. Good luck.
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    4th post. treocontacts.prc

    This will give you an Icon for Contacts.
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    Has the issue with the abnoxoius slash screen that pops up each time you launch TreoContacts been fixed?
    That is why I liked the free Contact ICON (2Contacts) from TreoShortcuts.

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