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    out of curiousity, have any of you maintained voice with some other carrier or other apps along with the Treo 600 (whether FON/CNG/DT)?

    additionally, anyone know how to make the fonts smaller in biz conn/email?

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    I have a Moto V60 with Verizon for my voice service......I only use the data on my Treo 600. It's such a waste, but the Treo is still too big to carry at night and on weekends, IMHO.....
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    Hi -

    In addition to my Sprint Treo 600, I have a Hitachi G1000 with Sprint, and a brand new Blackberry 7750 with Verizon. I unabashedly love these converged devices - so I juggle the three.

    It's funny - they're all just "that close" to being perfect for me, but no one has nailed it.

    The Treo is the best overall device, but I don't care for it's browser, it's lower resolution screen, or it's tiny keyboard. It's too much like squeezing chicklets.

    The G1000 has by far the best screen, and with "Thunderhawk" is easily the best internet browsing experience. It's keyboard is better than the Treo's - but it isn't backlit! That's a real drag. Also, it lacks a program like "Snappermail" to pull in multiple email accounts automatically.

    The Blackberry has the best keyboard, and second best screen. It's handling of email is unsurpassed, and even beats my desktop in terms of response. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to do much else beyond basic PIM stuff with it. No camera, hardly any games...etc. The browser is pretty rudimentary, and the backlight can't be set to remain on for longer than about 10 seconds. The display, however, is very nice and the text is easy to read.

    So during the day I use the Blackberry, and at night and on the weekends I take the Treo. The G1000 is on the bubble right now - I may keep it for variety or I may not.

    Larry Z.

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