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    Snappermail crashes whenever I hit the attach paperclip.
    The only way to attach a DTG file is to select send file from within DTG.

    Here is a list of what I have on my Palm Treo 600.
    AIM UK version
    Bejeweled - bought through Handango on t600
    BackupEZ 2.2 - bought through Handango
    Blocks version 1.3.2 - found somewhere
    Documents to go - legal from dataviz version 6.008 (761)
    KsDatebook - found somewhere
    PacDude 100 - found somewhere
    Sketcher - d/l through Handango
    Snappermail - legal from snappermail version
    Everything else came preloaded.
    Running the new Sprint 1.20 but had the same problem befor the upgrade.

    Any ideas of what is conflicting?
    Tried narrowing it down by deleting files with no luck.
    Any help would be appreciated.
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    You might try the Snappermail or Snapperfish board on Yahoo where they do the offical support. I've found them to be very responsive.

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