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    So, I get excited, because the T-Mobile update came out Friday!

    And then...problems.

    T-Mo says to just click on the update (using a PC) and it will backup your phone (via Hotsync) and then install. It TRIED to do this, but after backup it begins to install the update, and then an error message pops up. No update.


    - BEFORE using the update, backup info via Hotsync.
    - Do a "HARD reset" of your Treo. You will lose all your info (that's OK, it's backed up in your PC).
    - Set up your Treo as when it was new (date, time, etc.). Don't add programs back or need the phone to be a blank slate.
    - Sync your phone via Hotsync, and when it prompts you to **DO NOT** select your device name, instead select NEW and choose a new device name (I chose "temp1"). Sync your phone under this new name. Your phone will be empty like when it was new.
    - Click on the updater program and follow the instructions. Yes, you have to go through the backup as "temp1" (or whatever NEW name you chose) even though there's nothing personal to backup. The updater will now work. Do not reset your phone while it is updating, except where prompted to do so.
    - When it is done and your phone is fully updated (you'll know, because the Handspring screen is GONE, replaced by one for "Treo"), do another "HARD reset".
    - Set up your Treo as if new ONCE AGAIN.
    - Sync your phone via Hotsync, this time choosing your ORIGINAL device name.
    - All your old info will be restored and your phone will be updated.

    What I've noticed: Better sound quality, faster connection to Internet, NEW phone on/off logos (poor "flip" is gone for good...RIP). The MovieRec and SoundRec programs work well with sound. AND T-Mo gives you a FREE Backgammon game for upgrading! All-in-all, it was worth it.
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    I just downloaded the T-Mobile branded Update 1.12 from PalmOne. I have been waiting patiently, and the wait is over.
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    For ATT Treo 600 try *#*#94213166# then dial from the dialpad. It worked for me to unlock the SIM card
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    I have a Treo 600 on T-Mobile. It was originally locked, and I unlocked it using one of patches in previous posts. When I updated the new firmware from T-Mobile, my phone is now locked again. I tried to run the old patch, I could not turn on the wireless mode (it would just hard reset each time). I tried to use the ROW firmware, and it is still locked (though i can turn on the wireless mode now). Just sharing my experiences with the new firmware.

    BTW, I also had a problem with the T-Mobile firmware not working the first few times. I had to hard reset, create a new profile, in one of the previous posts.
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    I tried *#*#7777# and *#*#94213166# and I have the same message, "The SIM Lock has NOT been removed from the phone". In reality, my phone is UNLOCKED! It works on both ROGERS and FIDO !! )

    The best way of checking if your phone is UNLOCKED is to use different SIM from different companies.
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    Big, Big problem guys .. need help

    I have a branded Orange (switzerland) Treo 600, which i managed to unlock before. Now, I live in the States, I can use that phone over T-Mobile's network.

    Thing is, I did an upgrade and downloaded it from the "other carriers" section. Upgrade was successful. However, it did not accept the SIM. I've tried foreign SIMs (asia), still does not accept it.

    Then I've tried to do another upgrade, now from T-Mobile. However it says no upgrade is neccessary, and will not continue. I did a hard resert, changed user name on Hotsynch, still didn't work.

    Please, any other suggestions

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    I recently updated my Vodafone GSM Treo 600 using the 1.12 ROW updater. Everything went fine accept the update would not install at first without a Hard reset. I then ran the update and restored my data/apps for SD with no probelms. Everything is sweet now... except ever since the update, I have noticed that my keyboard backlight no longer works... Has anyone else noticed this? Is this related to the update or is this a separate hardware issue on my Treo?
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    After performing the upgrade (AWS) I found a "leftover" GPRS Updater.prc on my Treo 600. Do I need to run that separately or is that an accidental leftover?

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    Yes It crashed My Patched Treo 600. Had to go back and do the fix again!
    Is there now a better way?
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    I want to be able to use other SIM cards when I go to Europe. Will the T-mobile update lock my phone? Does anyone feel one is better than the other? Anyone have any insights?

    I'm trying to decide if I should use the Rest of World update or the T-mobile one. I'd love it if a brilliant soul out there would give me advise.

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    locked my phone now I'm at the mercy of AT&T unlock codes....
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    hi bunique,

    It will lock your phone just like it did to mine....
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    i have an unbranded Treo600 and the ROW update locked my phone
    but you can down grade the rom to the patched one...
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    How di dyou unlock your AT&T phone? I have a t600 and want to put in a SIM card for SIngapore.... help
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    I used a tool provided to me by
    He/She was very good at supporting and cost me 5$ only.
    Very competent and best 5$ bucks ever spent!
    Hope it helps!
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    holy****!!! this is all to complex for me. I just want it to work out of the box. I think that is not too much to ask of a top of the line phone.
  17. #157 has the unlock for free, just search the general chat forum
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    I heard that palmOne refused to service a friend of mines Treo when they received it back for repair because it had a hacked ROM on it; they are checking them now. It could be a costly hack.
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