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    I have a GSM 600 with the INT software and applied the ROW update today. Now it says ROW instead of INT, but works fine. My Network settings (under Prefs) for T-Mobile VPN, T-Mobile Internet, and T-Zones all are still there and work fine as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tvBilly

    If your Treo is SIM locked from the factory, and you have the actual SIM unlock code for your Treo, the update will SIM lock your Treo, but your SIM unlock code will still work. Every time you update your Treo you'll have to re-enter your SIM unlock code once.
    Used to be true up till 3.04. For 3.04 and 3.05, the upgrader maintains the unlock code. At least it did on my Orange France Treo.

    ps Thanks for the Rest Of the World tidbit. I wonder if the C in CROW is China or Canada. Does China have GSM?
    Don't know, but C probably stands for Carriers.

    China would have been funny tough. There's the USA, the Rest of the World, and China, which is obviously not part of this world at all
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    ok guys i went and tried the 3.05 (other update) now what is the best way to go back to the patched 3.04 ??? will i be able to go back and use the same files and instgructions

    also using tokenwriter how do i downgrade my firmware from 3.05 to something lesser so that the upgrade app wont die...
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    I hope you won't hate me for such not so smart question but I just got my treo600 yesterday. I have been reading almost everything in this form and wanted to ask you guys about the updater from P1 website before I do it:

    1- I bought this phone from E-Bay. A GSM unlocked phone.
    2- My phone is a Cingular phone, I know this because Cingular logo are displayed when I switch the phone on or off
    3- The phone is unlocked since I used it with Rogers Wireless in Canada (My rogers SIM card works fine)
    4- I typed the #*#*777# on the phone and hit Dial. I got "The SIM lock was removed from this phone"
    5- The phone info display as follow:
    S/W: 106-CNG
    F/W: 2.02
    Hardware: B

    I would like to update to the new F/W so here is my questions:

    1- which one to use the new updater at P1 website for Cingular or for "Other carriers"?
    2- If I used the Cingular update would this by any chance lock the phone? as I have no idea if the phone came originally unlocked from Cingular or it has been unlocked by the guy who owned the phone before me (He didn't replay to my e-mails)
    3- Would "Other Carriers" update (i.e. ROW) be better to use as I travel a lot. And if so would that work with Cingular phone or I should change the F/W sitting with Tokenwriter?

    I haven't put any data on my Treo yet (I'm a palm pilot user) I would like to do that after I update the F/W.

    Thanks a million guys.
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    I had a Cingular optomized unlocked Treo 600 that I upgraded to the CROW 3.04. When the "official" upgrades were released on the PalmOne web site, I downloaded the "Other Carriers" version and installed it onto my, (now completely generic), Treo 600.

    The upgrade went flawlessly and I now have a Treo 600 that has the Handsprin startup and shutdown screens, but have notived a great improvement in the screen resolution and also the camera resolution is improved as well.

    I too, am using Rogers Wireless, but will shortly be switching over to Fido, because they have an unlimited data plan for $50.00 a month, caompared to Rogers' 15Mb for $60.00 a month. ( The overage charges are killing me.)

    So, in answer to your question, download the Other Carriers version and dont't forget to hotsync first and also, make sure that your battery is fully charged, befor running it.
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    Did you used Tokenwriter? or you just download the new P1 updater for other carriers and hotsync it? I hope it doesn't sound dump but I have been reading about the INT, ROC, CROW (what CROW means for the love of God!), CNG, etc
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    OK, I need help and can't seem to find any answers. I have an unlocked GSM (purchased in Singapore) with a TMo chip. I updated to the "leaked" firmware a few months ago. This is what my phone reads:

    firm: 3.04
    soft: treo600-1.12/1030/03
    hard: B

    So if I'm reading everything correctly, i can / should be able to run the int. update with no conflict? Thanks.
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    I'm a T-Mobile guy. I had the INT version and I suspect my (replacement) phone was locked to T-Mobile, since I once tried a friend's AT&T card in the Treo and it didn't work.

    I just installed the international version, and everything seems to work fine. Data and voice settings remain unchanged. I end up with 3.05 firmware and 1.12-ROW software. I decided to try the upgrade because of Palm's webpage which says:

    What if I install the wrong version?
    Don't worry, you won't damage your Treo 600 by attempting to install the wrong version. You simply will not be able to proceed with the update, and you will receive the error message This update is not compatible with this device. If this happens to you, follow the steps below to properly back out of the incorrect installation, and start the correct one.

    1. When you see the error "This update is not compatible with this device," select OK immediately. This should keep your personal data intact, and delete only the incorrect installer version.

    2. On your desktop computer, go to the Treo 600 Updater window and click the Cancel button at the bottom of the installer.

    3. If asked to confirm the cancellation, click OK.

    4. Close the installer by hitting Cancel.

    5. Go to the Treo 600 Updater page and download the version for the provider from whom you originally obtained your Treo 600.
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    Gee, that went rather well. I had an unlocked unit that I had purchased through the upgrade program at Handspring and I use T-Mo. I downloaded the ROW update, followed the directions, and within 20 minutes I was back up and running. I haven't tested all my applications yet, but a cursory review doesn't indicate any problems.
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    I am running Tmobile on my Cingular 600. Tried to install Cingular update but told me I didn't have enough memory (started with over 7 MB free), so install didn't take. Any suggestions??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mol
    Used to be true up till 3.04. For 3.04 and 3.05, the upgrader maintains the unlock code. At least it did on my Orange France Treo.
    Ah, they fixed the bug in the installer script

    Bill S
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    OK, you've upgraded your T600 with this new firmware. How has your Internet connectivity improved? Is it faster? How fast was it before, how fast now (Kbps)? Or does it start the connection more promptly? Or connect in places the signal didn't allow Internet connections before? Or maybe there's less lag when you hit links and download... If something that matters in my Internet connection improved, it might be worth upgrading. BTW, you can check your download speeds at .
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    I have noticed a quicker connection to internet and to the mail server when running snapper (among other things)...
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    Can you test your bandwidth (Kbps) using the new firmware? You can use if you've got Java installed, or just download a big file, noting its size in bytes and its seconds to download. Thanks!
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    After the update, everything on the phone works fine except that I can't seem to download any email. I connect ok, but then as the emails start downloading, the screen goes dark and the phone resets. Can anyone help me with this please????
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    I typed the #*#*777# on the phone and hit Dial. I got "The SIM lock was removed from this phone"
    Pardon my igonorance, but what does the #*#*777# code do on the phone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by avidal
    Pardon my igonorance, but what does the #*#*777# code do on the phone?
    If I were a betting man, I would say that it is retrieving a section of code and displaying it on the screen. In this case, I believe you see something like "your phone is sim unlocked" or something like that. It does not actually do the unlocking...if I were a betting man.

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    I tried #*#*777# on my phone and it does absolutely nothing. I'm on ATT
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    Quote Originally Posted by spartanrob
    I tried #*#*777# on my phone and it does absolutely nothing. I'm on ATT
    Sorry, my bad, its actually *#*#7777#

    someone typed it in wrong and I didnt look at it close enough

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    Hmmmm! I typed in the 'updated' code and the message i get is, "the SIM Lock has been removed from the phone"

    Unfortunately, i can't check until monday when i can get another SIM card to test. This is interesting...
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