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    For some reason, when I try to adjust the settings that were posted about CameraTest to imporve the camera settings, my T600 freezes. Now, my camera is majorly pixelated and seriously messed up and I can't adjust the settings to fix it. Anybody have any ideas as to how I can get should go about fixing this?
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    Hard reset?
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    Tried it. Still freezes up. Wish I had read the thread on CameraTest before I loaded. Now I am afraid I might have done permanent damage everyone was talking about.
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    the changes I made with CameraTest didn't work, messed my camera up, and were driving me crazy. So I took my phone to the local Sprint store and they give me a brand new one. - That made me real happy.

    Now, with my brand new phone, the camera crud is still happening. Obviously it has to do with something that is set in my files and in my hot-sync. How in the world can I figure out what it is?

    Please, I am begging - on mt knees - if anyone can tell me or lead to the right thread or expert to help eliviate my porbelm, I would really appreciate it.
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    Try this, dowload pickem ( start it up, hit the R key on the keyboard, this will (I think) reset the camera settings back to default, then do what you want.

    Give it a try, may work

    Hope this helps


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