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    I have an unlocked "Cingular" Treo 600 that is running on the Roger's Wireless network here in Canada.

    When I first got it, it was optimized for the Cingular netowrk, but was working fine on Rogers.

    Along came the "CROW" upgrade, and I just "had to have it", so I installed and upgraded. I used Tocken Writer to change CNG to INT, but that upgrade went smoothly, and I no longer had the Dingular logos in the Startup and Shutdown screens for the phone.

    Along comes the Official upgrade releases for Cingular and Sprint and Other Carriers not in North America, and I can not wait.

    I downloaded and installed the Other Carriers version and ran it. It took about 8 minutes to complet the upgrade and everything went "Smooth as Silk".

    This is my original Treo 600 and I have never had a problem with it that even suggested a replacement might be neccessery, (knock on wood).

    Visor Deluxe --> Visor Platinum --> Treo 90 --> Treo 180 --> Treo 600
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    I just updated my original T-Mo Treo600 from the original software to the new ROW version off of P1 site. Went without a hitch. The only thing I had to do was once the ROW 1.2 application was loaded onto the T600, and I initialized it, it did not have enough memory to run. I had a total of 1.8M available after ROW 1.2 was loaded. Since I had a complete backup of apps, I just deleted my InboxToGo, which freed up 5.4M. Then everything went well. Once the update was complete, the restore brought everything back to original.

    I was at Software "Treo600-1.05-INT" and Firmware 1.08. I am now at Software "Treo600-1.12-ROW" and Firmware 3.05. So far, so good. I have noticed that the network connect time for data has been greatly improved.

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    I have an unbranded, unlocked T600 that I purchased from PalmOne and use with ATTWS. I don't recall the original FW, but I upgraded to the unofficial 3.04 without a hitch. Today, I grabbed the "Other Carriers" update from PalmOne and installed it.

    I backed up and restored via HotSync; everything appears to have restored correctly and all apps work - except Klondike, which started causing soft resets (shocker!), so I just deleted it.

    My office is in a bit of a dead zone, and on 3.04 I simply couldn't use the phone at work; I usually had 0-1 bars of signal and conversation was impossible due to constant breakup. I was pleasantly surprised by my first couple of calls on 3.05. Though still not perfect, I am now getting 2-4 bars and my first couple of test calls have been MUCH better.

    Now if ATTWS would only get a reasonably-priced data plan, life would be perfect...

    FW: 03.05
    SW: Treo600-1.12-ROW
    HW: B
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    I have used the "crow " and had no problems But what do you do with it after
    Do you have to leave it in apps??
    Thanks Bill
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    If you think you had a perfect upgrade then look at the problem I'm having in this thread after my 3.05 ROW update....
    I'd rather be on my Bike!
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    No problems upgrading to 3.05 - smooth as silk as well ! :-)
    - Treo often imitated; never duplicated!
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    No problems here. and did my friends as well. TMO
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    went seems faster and email client is great...dave in az
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    Perfect for me as well!
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    I just upgraded my Sprint Treo 600 with no real installation problems. I did note that the contacts and memos were over written with the default entries. So what I did was to restore the main memory using BackupManager from a backup done about ten minutes before the update. Bob's Alarm did not immediately start, but after a soft reset, no other problems have been experienced. Overall, this update went as painlessly as the previous one. Ben
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