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    the headphone adapter for my treo no longer stays secure in the headphone jack of my treo. it happened all of a sudden with no major event that caused the breakage. I can no longer listen to mp3's without holding the adapter in tight....

    can I open up my phone and try to fix it myself or will sprint fix it? or will I have to get a new phone to listen to mp3's? im so bummed about this
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    Same here. I use the Radio Shack adapter with the extra plastic cut off to fit securely.
    Now when I listen, I'm lucky to get the audio to last for 10 seconds. I have to keep moving it around to get a good connection. This is really driving me nuts too.

    I have the Seidio 2 in 1 phones, but they are so poorly made that I had to replace them twice, and the sound quality doesn't compare to the Sony phones + adapter combo.
    (Please don't tell me I have to get a 4th Treo................. Damn!!!) After all of the "Network Searching..." problems and Vision problems, the last thing I wanna do is try to get a replacement Treo 600 because of the headphone jack - it was too hard getting replacements for the other "obvious" issues....................

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