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    Maybe I am one of the few, but I have got to believe that there are many people out there with the Treo 600 that find the MP3 player a great convenience for working out. However, the current cases are pretty lacking in durability, and the handspring earbuds keep popping out as I jog.

    Is anyone else interested in an arm band type case and headphones (with 2.5mm jack) that are more secure?

    Any feedback is appreciated ...
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    I just bought an armband TuneBelt on ebay for $14. It's a neoprene armband that is made for a mini-ipod. It's a little small but I'm going to cut a small slice to stick the antenna out of the bottom. Here's a link: TuneBelt

    As for headphones, I just use the adapter and a cheap a pair of Sony traditional in-ear headphones. I put them on first and then put on my baseball hat and they don't move at all.

    Good Luck.
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    I use my I-Volution case on my waist and Nike headphones with the adapter. Haven't had a problem at all.
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    I received my Tunebelt and cut a small hole for the antenna and it works great. Here are a couple of pics:
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